Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable?

Looking back for a better future, it always amazes me the opportunities we have to learn from others and to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. Sometimes we have the answers, we don’t need to go looking.

Amazon, Games Workshop announce Warhammer 40k film deal

Growing up I loved playing Warhammer games, not so great at painting them! I hope they do something good with this, the Lord of the Rings series was a big let down.

Sea salt batteries could be a cheap, green alternative to lithium

Good opportunity to increase the types of batteries. We often forget different response types (fast vs slow) are needed for various use cases

With 1 Sentence Elon Musk Explained His Biggest Flaw. It's a Brutal Lesson for Every Leader

I remember the CEO at BHP saying, the higher you get in an org the less they trust you/the more people they put around to support you.

The Oldest Logos That Still Exist Today

I love a good Twinings tea, but it also goes to show that companies don’t always need a rebrand.

Rolls-Royce tests a jet engine running on hydrogen

Great to see green innovation in the airline industry

Volvo Trucks delivers world’s first electric trucks made of fossil-free steel

Great to see changes through the supply chain filtering up to products. Every little helps.

Build a solid deck for your quarterly board meetings

Another thing for the to-do list.

GE produces world-first prototype of fully recyclable wind turbine blade

Making renewables, renewable.

Palladium-infused ‘nano-chocolates’ a cheaper mechanism to store hydrogen


China's 'artificial sun' smashes 1000-second fusion world record

Go science!

WA makes pitch for space agency



Jeff Bezos annual Amazon letter, with a focus on high standards. I love the “tradition at Amazon, authors’ names never appear on the memos – the memo is from the whole team”

China's facial recognition cameras pick man out of crowd of 60,000

And people are losing their shit over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Tools for Systems Thinkers: The 6 Fundamental Concepts of Systems Thinking

Great systems thinking intro for those new to the area or wanting to learn more

Don't let IT process stand in the way of good ideas

Working Long Hours Could Kill You

Doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs, workaholics too